Funding your Fitness Journey

One of the first question I get asked when someone inquires about a Beachbody program is “how much?”  While it is rarely the reason that holds people back in the final decision, it’s symbolic of how up front and personal the cash factor is.  I need to be very transparent and say that with the right dedication level and information, losing weight and being healthy can cost nothing more than your grocery bill.  For some this is very easy, for me it was not.  People can apparently paint their own nails and color their own hair too, or so I’ve heard…But seriously I was spending money on these types of things without batting an eye, referring to them as “routine maintenance” but would hesitate to invest in myself until I finally reached the point where I knew it couldn’t be done the way I was doing it.

I will show you a few ways that we used to justify our initial investment, including a monthly shake order for both me and my husband

Monthly YMCA family membership: $80 – we rarely used this due to our commutes and had actually cancelled a few months before and were debating on a gym closer to home

Starbucks or Smoothie King 2X/week: $50/month – we were actually not spending a lot in this category but again I would not bat an eye on the weekends going for a “pick me up” full of sugar

Eating lunch out: $120/month – this was all my husband, I had a lot of work lunches so they were paid for but he had a $7 lunch at our cafeteria 4 days a week, sometimes more.  If you’re eating out at a restaurant that can be a lot more

Vitamis and Supplements: $50/month – this is an area we weren’t spending any money on but one of my challengers actually pointed this out to me after she started shakeology and read the label – she was able to cut out a lot of spending here

Cable: $20/month – we never watched TV anyway, so we just dialed back the premium channels

Spending money on kids clothes: Yeah right, I cannot stop this addiction, I have little girls

There are so many ways to make it work for you, but I always suggest that if you are in doubt then throw money in a jar every time they are temped to buy a sugary latte or an expensive boutique cupcake as a treat – not saying you shouldn’t have these things once in a while but by showing some willpower you will feel better and have enough saved at the end of the month to purchase your program.  By doing one or two of the items listed above you can easily fund your fitness; do them all and save some additional money – you’re going to need it when you have to buy all new clothes in a smaller size!

Beachbody coaches, whether active or discount only, receive 25% off of shakes and workout programs.  Since we had two monthly shake orders, this was a no brainer for us.  When I started coaching my first goal was to was simply to break even on my shake order.  I was able to do this very quickly and also got paid in the satisfaction of helping people.  Ask me today about the right fitness program for you or let’s find out if coaching is right for you!  All programs and shakeology come with a 30 day empty bag guarantee.  What exactly do you have to lose?  Think about how much more you have to gain!