3 Day Refresh

This is a program I never even considered doing.  I had no desire to “fast” or “cleanse” and it’s not really like I suddenly had this urge to try it or had a big event coming up, but I had some sort penance guilt going on.  I started our move transition out really well, but honestly after a month living in a hotel plus having to change rooms so many times I just sort of gave up on trying to stock the fridge.  After night 3 in a row of having beers and fries I had a little buzz, got on-line and bought it.  I do like a bit of a challenge though, I mean I had natural childbirth just to see if I could, so at least I can check this off my list if I can finish it.  The timing is pretty good, I noticed that I was so busy unpacking this week I didn’t even think about food and I have a clean eating challenge group that I’m hosting Sunday so I opted for a Weds-Sat session.  Follow along with my progress

Day 1:

I was so anxious about starting I actually dreamed about it; I woke up thinking “I’m hungry but that wasn’t so bad.”  Then I realized I really have to do this today.  Stepped on the scale feeling really good, still down a total of 15lbs since starting T25, took some before pics and realized I was already off to a bad start.  Between all of that activity and getting kids to daycare it was well past the window to eat within an hour of waking which is like the clean eating and Beachbody cardinal rule.  Started with a normal shakeology, they recommend the vegan formula and I have just 2 packets left so I had vegan chocolate, half banana and just water (I usually have almond milk).  The hardest part ironically was having to wait an hour after every shake or meal to have my optional green tea or herbal tea.  All of the spacing out probably helped to not feel too hungry.  The morning shakes were fine, that teeny portion of hummus and cucumber was the most delicious thing I’ve ever had.  The fiber sweep drink and the vanilla shakes were actually not bad at all.  Once I had the shake for dinner I was feeling pretty good.  I have waited my full hour to enjoy my hot tea.  So the question no one wants to ask but everyone wants the answer to is what’s the bathroom situation…well I can say pretty uneventful.  I mean I peed clear water basically all day long but that’s pretty much an extension of my normal morning shakeology reaction plus 2 additional times a day.  The number of cheats I had was minimal, I snuck an extra 1/2 teaspoon of almond butter for my sad celery sticks and put some spinach in my broth – I also realize how sad these cheats sound as I write them :-). In summary for the day, not so bad and I think I can do it again, however, I am very tired tonight, maybe the culmination of a week of not sleeping more than 5 hours a night or maybe it’s not having the caffeine and food to give me false fuel…I hope this means I will actually go to bed at a decent time.

Day 2:

Woke up with a headache which is very unusual for me and I felt pretty tired.  I had to step on the scale to see what was going on.  No contacts and kind of groggy I though, ok cool, I lost .5lb that’s pretty good.  Then in the shower I started really thinking about the number that I saw and what it was yesterday – once I was awake enough to do math I realized I had lost 2.3lbs.  This was rejuvenating, at least long enough to get through the morning.  I had my shakeology and banana again today and it was pretty tough to make it til lunch.  I had my tea and fiber sweep in between but I think I got so busy working on the house that when an hour passed I didn’t notice so it pushed back all of my meals.  By the time I finished lunch I was just so tired I had to lay down – this isn’t totally out of character for me I will take any opportunity to squeeze in a nap.  Then I had the torture of going to Sam’s Club where suddenly everything seemed so delicious and I thought, this should really be a 2 day refresh because I want to eat cheeseburgers all day tomorrow.  I powered through til dinner and then everything was ok.  I snuck in a few extra bites of cucumber while I was making my cucumber tomato salad but that was it for cheats for me.  I was not hungry for the rest of the night, had my evening tea, unpacked some boxes and no trouble at all falling asleep.

my vanilla fresh shake with cucumber tomato salad

my vanilla fresh shake with cucumber tomato salad

Day 3

This was at the same time the hardest and the easiest day.  First, I believed I should have some sort of medal for making it through days 1 and 2 but no one gave me one so that was a rough start.  However, I was coming to terms with what I would eat and I was also very aware of what the impact would be if I waited too long between morning shake and lunch, so I actually opted to skip my optional morning tea.  I was still a little tired but also this was the day my two small children were home so this just added some extra tired to the mix.  Bending over to put on the 400th pull up, shoe or pants for the day is enough to burn 500 extra calories.  I also had to go grocery shopping again, so more will power tests.  Do you have any idea how good a giant Sam’s club blue cheese burger looks when you haven’t had meat for 3 days? Again, harder and easier and absolutely no option of cheating, I wouldn’t even lick my fingers after making my kids a turkey sandwich for fear of turning into one of the vampires from Twilight who has to look away when someone cuts their finger or else there will be a murder (I would only murder the turkey, don’t worry).  By evening I thought for the first time, I could do this another day.  Then thought, but I won’t.  Oh, the most important thing, the scale, down another .9 lbs for a total of 3.2 so still not mad at that result

Day 4:

Absolutely the best day, not because I knew I was going to eat today but I just felt like myself again.  No headache, lots of energy and well, refreshed!  My husband checked out my flat stomach and said Day-um.  Then I stepped on the scale and ended at 3.7 lbs.  I looked good, felt good and was actually able to workout right away with energy then enjoy the breakfast with my family.   I do attribute the headaches to some sort of withdrawal, most likely caffeine so I am really glad that I went through that process of detoxing, if for no other reason.  My husband and a friend asked me the following questions – “was it worth it?” “would you do it again?” I honestly cannot answer either question.  Right now I am very happy to work on losing 3 more pounds through clean eating and working out, even if it takes me 2 weeks to do it.  I equate it to childbirth – I need to put some time in between the consideration to do it again, let me get it a little farther in the past before I say, “oh yeah, that was easy, let’s go for it”


total loss of 3.7lbs in 3 days with 1.5″ around the waist.  Only caffeine coming from 1 cup of green tea in day 1 and 2.  No cheats out of the plan, only a few splurges of an extra tsp.  When is a good time to do it, in my opinion? The program says as often as monthly for routine maintenance with quarterly being the more common timeframe.  From my perspective – if you have a key event coming up, a wedding, a vacation, a photo shoot, or if you are recovering from something that prevents you from working out.  A good time to do it would be during the week, maybe taking a few days off for spring cleaning, errand running, etc…you will need some distractions.  Who may struggle with it? People who love meat, people who have toddlers – both of which pertain to me but I still survived, our bodies are amazing machines and capable of anything that our mind doesn’t get in the way of.