Focus T25

My one true love…this is the program that I can honestly say changed my body and my life.  I started the program without a clue as to its contents but I was taking advice from a friend (who looked amazing).  The tagline here is “an hours worth of results in just 25 minutes” and it’s so true.  There are no breaks, the first workout is cardio and my world was rocked – in a good way.  T25 is a 10 week program divided into Alpha (the foundation) and Beta (shred fat) 5 week blocks.  If you are really ambitious you can purchase the Gamma (strength) program to continue pushing yourself.  I did this and loved it.  The kit comes with a nutrition guide (love the homemade salad dressings), 10 DVDs, workout calendar, 5 day quick start meal plan and resistance band.  The trainer for this video is Shaun T (creator of insanity) and despite all the times I wanted to moving jab him in the face for making me work so hard, i would totally give him a hug for guiding my transformation.

The program is listed as introductory/intermediate but after the first day I felt that I just did some elite advanced workout!  There is an EXCELLENT modifier – do not be scared to try T25 because the key is to keep moving and working not necessarily to start out at the same speed as everyone else

The results:

Week 1: 4lbs

Week 5: 7lbs

Week 7:10lbs

By the end of Beta a total of 2″ from chest,  3.5″ off waist, .5″ from each arm, 1″ each thigh and 2″ off the hips

I’m still in Gamma although my nutrition has slipped due to relocating my toning continues to improved, stay tuned for more results

Ask me for details about a challenge group and a challenge pack 
Focus T25 Challenge Pack:

I take T25 and healthy eating with me when I travel for work.  check out my clean eating tabl for more travel tips