What is a Challenge Group

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

There is no “magic pill” with Beachbody programs.  There is hard work, accountability and support.  If you have struggled to stay on track with your weight loss, health and fitness then you would absolutely benefit from a private, online accountability & support group to keep you motivated. Paired with a quick & effective at home workout and a structured meal plan, you can skip the crowded and intimidating gyms and benefit from having not only a 1:1 coach but an entire network of people following similar plans and facing similar challenges.  Before I joined my first challenge group I was the furthest thing from a “joiner” but once I started I was craving the information I was getting and looking forward to being able to post my success, something about the group kept me motivated to push play every single day!

So, how exactly does a challenge pack and challenge group work?

In my Challenge Group you will get:

✔An Entire Home Workout Program ranging from 21 days to 10 weeks with customized support in choosing the program that is right for your fitness level and schedule

✔ One month’s supply of Shakeology your healthiest meal of the day

✔Private Accountability + Support Group via FB where you will receive:

  •  1:1 coaching
  •  Daily motivation and support from myself as well as the other coaches and challengers in the group
  • Accountability to help you stay on track
  • Meal Plan with Clean Recipes

✔ The chance to work closely with me to lose weight and tone up as much as possible!
✔ Plus they are FUN!

REQUIREMENTS: Beachbody Workout Program + Shakeology + ME as YOUR Coach!

I cannot wait to help you get started.  Please contact me and we will begin the fitness journey that is customized for you!