You already know it…it’s the most important meal of the day.  What you eat first and when you eat it can set the tone for your eating habits for the rest of the day.

You should be eating within an hour of waking…I don’t ALWAYS comply to this rule because I don’t like to eat before I workout and if my workout is 30-60 min and I have to start getting my kids or myself ready then you know the drill.  I will have a quick shot of Beachbody Recover after my workout so my body has something to keep its metabolism going.

My breakfast is pretty straightforward…Shakeology M-F and a big hearty breakfast on weekends.  I like Shakes in the morning because it’s the most hectic time and I would definitely not be eating on time if I had to cook and in the past I would skip breakfast altogether because I’m not generally hungry right when I wake up (still applies but once my workout is done I’m ready for food).  Skipping breakfast led me to overeat at lunch and then crash about an hour later…reaching for candy or a crappy vending machine snack…you get the cycle of destruction here right?

Anyway – click the links nested under this section for my favorite healthy breakfasts!