Convenient and Clean Snacks and Sides

It would be wonderful to be home and cooking 5 times a day, fresh and clean meals.  Or would it?  I don’t want to do that many dishes and even if I did it just doesn’t work that way due to busy work schedules.  Here are some of my favorite clean foods and snacks

  1. Single serve greek yogurt – the flip cups have a little more sugar than I like but it makes a great dessert or afternoon snack if you generally don’t like plain yogurt.   image             image I add a little Kind granola to my yogurt but be sure to measure only about 1/4 c

2. 100 cal packs of guacamole and hummus – I like cucumber, carrots or if I really need it I use whole grain tortilla chips like food should taste good

hummus Wholly-Guacamole-Mini1

3. Cocoa roasted almond packs   – always always have a pack in my purse


4. Kind Bars or Quest Bars – I really prefer Kind bars, much lower in carbs and love the taste but I do work in a nut free facility so if I’m going to work I take a Quest bar, they are really high in protein and most are really rich and delicious

kind quest-bars

5. Tasty Bites red lentils and tomato sauce – this is great with tacos or just a grilled steak


6. Seed of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice – brown rice takes 45 minutes to cook – I pay more and have it done in 90 seconds

image   image

7. Applegate naturals Chicken Sausage – precooked so I can brown them from the freezer at home or thaw and microwave at work


I would love to help you find the right foods and snacks to fit your needs! Please contact me if you have any questions and stay tuned for more updates