ahhhh dinner, the beginning of the end of a long day.  First comes dinner, then comes bath, then comes children who won’t go to sleep…then we start meal prep all over again so I take my time wins where I can.  My kids and husband don’t get the luxury of several small snacks and meals throughout the day like me so dinner is mission critical in my house.  Everyone has to be full, nourished and happy.

I will start by saying I do not make multiple dinners; in general I don’t deal with picky eaters.  I say in general because I have a heart…so, if we’re having steak salad for dinner I will make a side of mac and cheese (yes, from a box, but not the blue box, the organic box so I feel better about it) and serve the kids steak and mac and cheese on a plate with a few veggies from our salad mix, generally carrots.  My kids need the energy from carbs to run around driving me nuts so I don’t worry about their intake.  My husband and I will eat a dinner with more or less carbs depending on what we had for lunch.  I decide this and he eats whatever he doesn’t have to work for…like the king of the jungle.

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