Vanilla Protein Power Balls

This was one of my first and still most favorite recipes…it has evolved over time and I still change it up every time I make them.

I will note some of my favorite substitutions at the bottom

2 c old fashioned oats (not quick cook)
1 c peanut butter
1/2 c honey
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (check that no artificial sweetener is on the ingredient label or that's all you will taste)
Dark chocolate chips

That's seriously it!  So simple you just roll and eat...I love them for car trips and now they are my holiday party snack - I'm not sure how popular this decision is because while everyone complains about all the unhealthy food at holidays they still eat it

I use crunchy PB - I just love it but personal preference.  I have also started using about half the PB and using some PBfit mixed with vanilla almond milk to save on fat content
I use Vanilla Shakeology as my protein powder or at least half...this allows me to cut back on the honey because there is natural sweetness in the shake and they just taste better
I have added chia seeds before but my kids and hubby complain about them getting in their teeth so I generally don't
I will sometimes sneak in some flax if I think of it while I'm making these