Congratulations on taking the first step to taking back your health and wellness.  Maybe you’ve tried a handful of crash diets in the past that resulted in repeat cycles of losing and gaining, or maybe you’ve always been naturally blessed with high metabolism and a factory of age, parenting or life finally caught you, or maybe you’re already fierce and fabulous and looking for a new way to mix up your routine.  Well,  you came to the right spot because with the vast collection of programs, “there is an ass for every pair of jeans…or in our case, every pair of yoga pants”

Let’s start with getting to know YOU and we’ll go from there.  The secret to our programs is the efficient and effective workouts that don’t require you to schlep to the gym at 4am, or after work at night with kids in tow, or ever (unless you want to take your at home workout on the road with the awesome mobile app – then, by all means).  Actually, I take that back; the secret is the amazing nutrition plans that involve eating foods you can pronounce and find in the store instead of ordering prepackaged cardboard food, it’s learning about meal planning so that your family never has to waste time asking “what are we having?” or make unhealthy pizza runs several nights a week.  Ok, no, no…the secret is in the accountability.  Yes, that’s it…you can have the good food and the awesome workout but at some point, life is going to reach up and slap you in the face and it just might be hard to get back up.  Not you, not anymore…our challenge groups are there DAILY for you to know that someone is waiting to hear from you and know how you are doing.  Someone else is having a rough day and will benefit from hearing that that is totally normal.  Someone wants to see you successful just as much as you do.

You will achieve goals you never thought possible, but you have to show up and do the work.  There are no quick fixes, no diets and no going back when you take on a healthier, happier lifestyle (one that actually tastes good too)

Complete this challenge group application to secure your spot in one of our upcoming accountability groups and find the perfect program for you!