I am a below average blogger…we have established this.  As far as keeping up with a fit lifestyle I do make sure I eat and workout first and foremost…that’s a lot of high knees and chopping veggies right there.  Then I check in with challengers and mentor coaches, that’s a lot of virtual high fives.  Oh, and there’s the day job and those tiny humans and what’s that guy’s name again…(for the record…making sure he has a packed lunch ranks up there so he’s not totally deprived of my attention)

So, the blog rarely makes the cut but I do know that when I think about what has hands down helped me stay healthy and keep the weight off it is consistently meal planning with clean eating principles week after week and this is what I can bring to the table for my peeps.  I’m really committed to getting at least two meal plans up a month and hopefully making this somewhat useful for you.

A few disclaimers – I do travel for work from time to time and I do a lot of stuff on the weekends that keeps me out and about…like a lot…this is not my model behavior.  I am not as diligent here as I was when I first started because I had 20lbs to lose (and I did) so now I am in a maintain to lose a few more state of mind.  My calorie burn is pretty high in a day so you may not eat as much as I do.  There is also some unlisted delicious boomchickapop that is not planned or on the menu that always gets consumed – do as I say, not as I do.


Jan 29-Feb 4 Meal Plan | My meal plan is pretty straightforward; it takes me a fraction of the time it did when I started because I have some go-to recipes.


This week is crazy with guests in town so we had more indulgences on Sunday than usual and then I am going on a coach retreat Friday night and Saturday that will again involve eating out.  I do eat out smartly but I also enjoy it on a limited basis.  My girl Christin and I have a philosophy about eating out “I’ll get the burger and you get the salad and we’ll split it” we never go wrong with this approach!  I generally follow the salad approach when eating out but if I want a burger I eat it…I take the top bun off and swap side salad for fries (I really love salad so this is easy for me – i also love blue cheese on top of my lettuce so I’m not perfect).  I don’t like to eat out more than once maybe twice a week – I feel like I’m derailing my hard work on the workouts and my good decision making starts to slip.  When I pack my lunch for work I can only eat what I brought…this is my safe zone!

My meal plan is pretty straightforward…it takes me a fraction of the time it did when I started because I have some go-to recipes.  You will see that about half the meals will come from the fixate cookbook and the others I have a link for you to click on and most of those are straight from my pin boards

Beach Inspired Fix

Beach Inspired Life

I think the fixate cookbook is a no brainer at $20 ($15 if you’re a preferred customer or coach) and you can order that here.  Otherwise the mystery of how to make the best marinara in the world will remain unsolved!

You can get your copy here!

What do you think of this week’s meal plan?? What’s your go-to healthy snack or recipe…I will gladly incorporate it into a future meal plan and if needed…healthify it a bit!