Shakeology is more…

Most people who start their fitness journey, myself included, are looking for the physical, external transformation.  For me…Shakeology was a means to an end, it came with my challenge pack and my friend said it was good for me so I gave it little other thought.  For many it’s a weight loss drink, a protein shake or a meal replacement.  After just a week of drinking it I realized Shakeology is so much more.  I was actually not sure what to think in the first week…I was trying so many new things, including changes to my diet but I could tell immediately that my digestive system was going through a total change.  I had never really paid attention to changes in my body because I had never really done anything but eat crap…I even joked that I had an “iron gut.”  For the first time I felt like I could recognize which foods were bothering me or assisting me…because I was putting more good food than bad in my system and that started with Shakeology.



In week one of any fitness program we learn quickly about clean eating…again, this is just something I did because I wanted to lose weight. Fast forward to now and I see clean eating as my lifestyle…not something I could trade in now that I’ve lost the pounds…I’ve also lost the chemicals, the restless nights of sleep and the low energy.  I am not going back! Shakeology is 1/5 of my clean eating meal plan but it is in fact the most important meal of my day.  Without it I would make excuses that I don’t have time for breakfast, I would overeat later in the day, I would crave more sugar and I would hit that 2pm slump.  Life didn’t get easier or less busy for me with Shakeology, I just learned to prioritize what I put in my body.