Quest vs Shakeology

At the request of a friend, I did a quick review of Quest protein powder vs Shakeology in the Chocolate flavor.

At first glance, the simple calorie and protein snapshot certainly looks appealing but it’s important to compare the ingredients and look at other nutrients


Shakeology Chocolate
Ok so what are some key comparisons – first of all Shakeology is an exhaustive list so it is a lot to read through.  There are so many key ingredients here which is what differentiates it from a protein shake to a meal of dense nutrition.
The top things that stand out to me
1. Sucralose: Quest has it and that automatically scratches it off my clean eating meal plan as an option.  I would stop there but this may not be a big issue for others
2. Milk proteins: while Whey is a byproduct from the cheese making process, milk may account for about 20% of the protein content compared for about 80% for Casein.  This may be significant to someone who has even a slight intolerance to dairy.  Casein contains a lower amount of branched chain amino acids and a lower biological utilization rate.  There are advantages to Casein in terms of slow metabolic activity of the aminos (Whey is excellent for post workout due to quick surge of amino acids). For significant dairy intolerance, Shakeology has a Vegan formula which is entirely plant based protein.
3.  Basic nutrients: Vitamins A, C, D and a bunch of Bs – Shakeology has them and Quest does not.  This is the difference between a protein powder and dense nutrition.  For me, I find this extremely important as I do not supplement or take a multi-vitamin.
Of course, I am passionate about Shakeology and I believe in the product.  I am also scientific and the ingredients speak for themselves.  I hope this is helpful and I would love help you get started with shakeology.