Weekend Vibes

So…I’m hoping the majority of my posts won’t be as long as day 1…for multiple reasons…you don’t need a play by play of the meal plan and it’s a lot to keep up with.  I want to be sure to channel the way I feel each day and be totally honest about the process…

So let’s start with waking up…I felt fine.  No headaches, no lack of energy, I wasn’t even hungry.  Aside from my kids waking me up throughout the night (not typical behavior but I’ve been gone a lot for vacation and work travel so I think they actually miss me), I was not tired or groggy.  I went about my Saturday as normal – except making sure to take the optimize so I could be ready to eat in 30 minutes (which turned into like 2 hours) – but the normal hustle of getting kiddos fed and ready for gymnastics.  My hubby was a saint and took them and then took them to lunch so I had the day to blog and meal prep…what a dream!  I did a more challenging yoga today – Get Centered with Elise and I think I got my ass kicked…lots of core work, I thought we were emotionally centering (there was a little of that too).

I was sooooo happy to have yogurt in my breakfast this morning and fruit, especially fruit.  As the dairy and grains phase out fruit becomes the dominate character in breakfast but I’m used to having 2 servings a day so having none yesterday sucked.  Oatmeal, yogurt and blueberries hit the spot and I was good to go for two hours.

Now we’re talking


Lunch was my last meat for the journey so it was a little bittersweet…delicious but I’m ready to be on the journey and adjusted to not having any…sounds weird since I’m a meat addict for sure!  Greek salad with chicken and I planned to save half of it but since it was so late in the day I just ate the whole thing and I was stuffed for hours.

The dinner was something I can say I would have never eaten before – carbs stuffed in carbs.  I think we’ve all been so programmed to think carbs are bad we forget how good they can be for you.  This was also an easy dinner to incorporate into the family meal plan.  I had a southwest taco with black beans and rice (finally some seasonings!) and I made the fixate turkey taco meat for the family  My husband loved the rice and beans and my guac and pico concoction.  The significant change in my behavior is that I was getting super hungry while I was cooking and my normal reaction would be to shovel in some tortilla chips and guac and then have my dinner and probably a second, unnecessary taco.  So…carbs aren’t the enemy, my eating habits are!


gimmie all the tacos

I had been forewarned to get lots of sleep while doing reset, so whether or not this was subconscious or just life I crashed in my daughter’s room again and took about an hour power nap and then felt like a slug since I fell asleep on a full stomach so I proceeded to move right downstairs to watch TV with the hubs…an unprecedented move considering I usually do a lot of kitchen cleaning (this became a decision I would regret in the morning when I woke up to all the dishes) but it felt great in the moment.  Day 2 down, 19 more to go!