Still Going Strong

I’m still alive, and honestly I’m a little freaked out because I feel fine.  I’m in some reset dedicated facebook groups and everyone is going on about headaches and fatigue and I’m over here like la-la-la gimmie some lentils!  Am I doing it wrong? Maybe I wasn’t eating so “dirty” after all!  I can honestly say that the lesson learned from 3 Day Refresh was to BACK OFF THE COFFEE – easier said than done but since I was replacing my morning coffee with mimosas and presidente beers in Punta Cana I had a head start.  It was harder to refrain when I got home but since I felt like crap, coffee didn’t even sound good to me.  As the week progressed I had to just limit myself to “a sip” or in my measurement system that means only an 8 oz cup (I can put away some coffee people).  Weekends are also pretty easy for me to live without coffee since I generally get more sleep.  Is it bad that I am in love with the fact that my 5 year old can pour cereal for herself and her sister and unlock both tablets??  Mother of the year, I know…but it gets me to an 8am wake up and you can’t put a price on that!

yoga vibes

Sunday went great as far as reset goes, I stayed on schedule and enjoyed all the food!  Back to eggs and no fruit so meh to that but those eggs were da bomb…this was my first official day without meat and they were a good substitute.  Lunch was somewhat of a repeat with the microgreen salad and I finally put my sprouted lentils to work with a lime-lentil salad which was really good and really filling.  I did feel like I was in the kitchen all day or trying to stay caught up with blogging which was out of the routine for me…I should have been playing outside since it was sooooo beautiful, but I did leave that pile of dishes so I could watch tv Saturday night so that’s my payback.  I also skipped yoga altogether…not normal for me but suddenly I was up against the clock.

Double salad action

Dinner was interesting – my first ever attempt at making a sushi roll and I give myself a B- because it wasn’t tight enough to use with chopsticks but it was tight enough to stay together long enough to plate it.  The kids (who use the rubber band version at hibachi restaurants) were easily tricked into eating all of their chicken (lucky little stinks) when I told them they could use chopsticks too – they had so much fun practicing they forgot to be ungrateful for the joy of getting to eat meat.  I kid, I kid, my dinner was fine.  I also made a cucumber salad and miso soup – honestly it was way too much food and I didn’t need seaweed in EVERY dish so that’s my only complaint.  I ate the whole roll and packed up half the soup and salad for an “emergency.”

I can’t believe I’ve never attempted a basic California roll before

I was up late making banana zucchini muffins because the baby asked twice and basically I’ll do anything she tells me to do!  I just wanted one little taste….mmmmm…No, just no…stay strong.  I went to bed not stuffed but not hungry and not early enough.  Day 3 in the books!

Day 4 marks the return to the work schedule and a perfect day for it because I was able to make my fruit and yogurt plate the night before.  It was HUGE but I was so happy to see that fruit I ate it alllll and I’m not sorry.  I think my yogurt days are over or coming to an end, maybe one more serving so I’ll enjoy it while I can.  I did enjoy a nice stretch this morning with some old school Tony Horton, Ho’ Ale Ke Kino…I don’t know, man he was doing yoga on the beach in Hawaii so I went with it…it was 27 minutes so…winning!

give me all the fruit

I had my first cup of herbal tea on the reset – Get Charged by Republic of Tea…I just mentally needed something other than water and even though it’s caffeine free maybe the placebo effect of saying it was energizing would work…sure, I’ll say it did but I would have been the same just keeping on with water.  Lunch was a repeat of the sushi roll but this time I nailed it, thanks to none other than YouTube.  I made that Nori seaweed wrap my bitch and the reward was delicious.  More of the lentil lime salad and again, stuffed!


Sushi attempt #2 and lentil lime salad


Dinner was one of my favorites so far…the stir fry veggies are something we would make any day of the week and the sesame oil and liquid aminos made it perfection!  The plain quinoa tasted like plain qunioa but that cucumber salad over there in the corner…that’s the real star of the show, another one I make often with our normal meal plan.

Now we sleep!

my favorite dinner so far