Why do I need to detox

Yes…it’s true…the thing I said I could never and would never do is going down! I’m doing a full on 21 day detox! This is not a typical “cleanse” in the sense of weird teas and forgetting how to chew but I am going to be transitioning to a vegan diet over the course of the next 3 weeks.

The first time I did 3 Day Refresh I immediately cancelled my home direct order stating I would never do it again.  6 months later I ordered it a second time and have done it quarterly since then.  I actually look forward to that feeling on morning 4…rested, not bloated, no bad cravings and emotionally proud of myself for doing something hard.  However, 3 days feels like 30 sometimes and so the thought of doing something similar for 21 days seemed insurmountable….until….


Ultimate Reset - It's time to detox! | It's true...the thing I said I could never and would never do is going down! I'm doing a full on 21 day detox!

Ever since training for the marathon I got a little lazy in my eating, less measuring, more snacking and all that weird gels that runners have to consume to not pass out on the side of the road from hunger.  It was fine for the time minus the bloated yuck feeling but when I stopped running 3 times a week and also dialed back my program intensity to give my body a break…things started to catch up with me.  So began a weird cycle of eating really well and doing a great program to experimenting with programs that don’t have the fat burning cardio I’m used to and not following their meal plans.  I couldn’t seem to get my head on straight and my pants were fitting a little differently too.

There isn’t a person I’ve talked to who didn’t rave about their reset results; not one of them lied to me and said it was easy either.  I know some people who couldn’t finish it and I was just terrified, but at some point you remember what you always knew which is you can’t out-exercise your nutrition.  Also, my body is tired; I used to fear the idea of 21 days with no workout but right now I think I could use the break and the daily yoga will keep me in a routine (I know I’m going to miss the workouts sooner rather than later though).

Ultimate Reset - It's time to detox! | It's true...the thing I said I could never and would never do is going down! I'm doing a full on 21 day detox!

When I first decided to do thereset it was after coming back from our long weekend in the Wisconsin Dells…a nice little getaway that involved a lot of bar food and a refillable beer cup with Spotted Cow on tap everywhere!  I felt gross wearing a swimsuit and even worse when I got home.  I ordered it that night.  Then, I checked my calendar…I had a big decision to make – do the reset and finish right before my half marathon in KC which would involve no training at all or wait.  So, I waited.  I have been anxiously checking the calendar and there is ALWAYS something…but that’s how life is, there will always be something in the way, some obstacle or some reason not to.  So I will be forfeiting our neighborhood couples night out which totally sucks because it was so fun last year and I will not get in much training for my upcoming half in South Dakota – which is kind of ok because it’s downhill and I’m sick of running!

After our recent trip to Punta Cana…which was AMAZING…however a week of eating a lot and drinking a lot – I am fully on board with this journey.  I seriously had a week long body hangover from not eating my normal routine and just acting like I was 22 for a week (seriously it was fun while it lasted :-))  I am no longer terrified of this journey I am totally ready!

Ultimate Reset - It's time to detox! | It's true...the thing I said I could never and would never do is going down! I'm doing a full on 21 day detox!

not the healthiest choices


Prepping for the Reset

I have heard that the meal prep for reset is pretty intense…this was one of the original turn-offs for me but then I took a look at my daily life and it’s all intense.  Honestly I spend a lot of time on any given week in the kitchen so what’s the difference if I’m making more salads and less chicken enchiladas (so good and drooling as I think of them).  So once I got that fear out of my head I opened the book…

At first glance it’s pretty intimidating but I wanted to read all of it and really take in the why and the science behind how it was designed.  I wanted to look at every recipe and just understand what I would be eating.  I totally love that they provide a week 1 grocery list for you which made everything SO much easier.  I of course had to complicate it because I’m starting on a Friday and we shop on Saturday or Sunday…so I only needed 3 days of the first 7 worth of ingredients and since 99% of it is produce I was not going to completely stock up so I still had to divide the list in sections.  I also had to figure out what my husband and two kids were going to eat…as tempting as smoky tempeh sounded to the fam I will not be making two meal plans a week.  I can get around some of this my doubling my dinner and using it as a side for them – a trick I learned with the cucumber salad during 3 Day refresh!

Amazon to the rescue to find the really weird stuff; I didn’t want to risk sending my husband to the store to find out these items weren’t available and not enough time to ship them.  I purchased the seaweed items plus a sushi mat and the Nori Gomasio (I could have made this myself but opted out). This motivated me to finally try the Hyvee online shopping tool…only come to find out you have to do this 24 hours in advance so last Sunday I had the list all ready to go and then realized I couldn’t schedule the pick up for same day.  However at least I knew what they had and I signed my husband into the website so he could see my list.  Funny thing I learned last night is that he has a “guy”…I’ve often wondered how he finds sprouted quinoa and farro but he said there’s always a guy who works the Hyvee health market that helps him find “the weird stuff.”  He wasn’t keen on the idea of pick up – I think he likes the alone time of roaming the aisles because we vowed never to make the other go to the store with children after they turned 1 year old.  So as long as he doesn’t mind hunting down the weird stuff and I don’t mind watching him eat pork chops while I have cashew zucchini soup, we’re going to be just fine!

weird stuff


The only other prep work I did was sprouting some lentils…I’ll make a separate post about how I did this.  I learned a lot about the phytic acid in legumes and just decided to take this extra step…it’s not even in the book but hey – I like to go all in!

Ultimate Reset - It's time to detox! | It's true...the thing I said I could never and would never do is going down! I'm doing a full on 21 day detox!

I hope you’ll hang out with me for the next 21 days.  Providing such a public view of this journey should really help keep me on track.  I keep imagining if I throw in the towel and then people ask me…”so what day are you on?” Stay tuned for the future posts and progress updates!

You can check out this video on Ultimate Reset and if you want to talk more about it or try it with me just message me about getting started!

Ultimate Reset